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    It is Friday, September 23rd around 1:27 pm as I begin to write this article. I am looking at the television on one of my favorite channels. The Dow Jones Industrials is down 627 points. The federal reserve raise interest rates again yesterday .075 basis points.

    As I look deep into the charts and begin to analyze this market again, I still can’t make out that this market is going to crash.

    Keeping this short and sweet; the market should give five waves up in the fifth wave of an impulse. I can only count four waves. Now, this long-time analysis that I have been studying; why is this the case?

    Seem’s like everyone wants the market to crash to mumble, I told you so. Let’s see what happens. I think we will see a new market high before this year 2022 ends.

    Now, I could be wrong as well, but this is what I see today in the chart below:

    Dow Jones Sept. 23rd

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